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Inside The Music. ‘Break The Chain’. Recorded in Nassau, The Bahamas at Compass Point Studios. Words &Music by Corey Hart. Produced by Corey Hart. Mixed by Humberto Gatica. “Jade” CD, 1998 Sony Music Canada

It was late January,1998. I was at home watching TV on an ordinary afternoon in our small apartment in Nassau. We were building our’ dream house’ so only renting during this period a small flat. India was 2.5 years old & Dante our 2nd daughter born only a few weeks shy of Christmas, December 23, 1997. They were both beautiful healthy girls. But sleep deprivation for Julie and I on high alert! I was adamant we were going to bottle feed our children. This may sound odd or bizarre to a few folks but I was actually envious that only the female gender had the privileged honour of carrying cherished fetuses for 9 months. Also in society norms, mother´s are generally the sole food providers after birth. But when India arrived on July 8,1995 there was no way under the stars that I was not going to be an equal nurturer when her placenta was removed. I cut the cord. Scary!

The first year babies only want to cry, eat, drink, burp (v important),do their stinky business, get cleaned up & then go back to dreamland again where the pattern repeats like a washing machine on permanent spin cycle. Ah, yes and the cute smiles….
I wasn’t about to miss out on all this fun now was I? Dumbo Mr Hart ññ. The parental bonding in these first years baby were very important for me. I suppose shaped again by my father and our tale. We both decided with River and Rain that they were going to be breastfed so Julie could experience the phenomenal gifts of mother’s milk to child.

So I was surfing through the channels that day, half dozing off when I stumbled upon the ´Oprah Winfrey Show´.The guest was a caucasian male who was explaining his inbred hatred for the black race. How it had been ingrained into his psyche since he was a little kid, passed on to him from generation to generation by his family descendants. The show’s theme was in honour of Martin Luther King Day. He went on describing in detail how he wanted to finally ‘ Break The Chain’. Once these three simple words were spoken they jumped out at me with arrows jettisoned from my TV screen. Suddenly I was no longer sluggish. I wanted to write music!. This is how my process usually evolves. I will have a lyrical idea as the first few seeds. Sometimes it’s just scattered lines but they then find themselves in cadence or melody while I chop away, sculpt my song experimentations. 90% on the piano as was the case with ´Break The Chain’.

´does it ever end tell me does it ever change colour does l it ever start feeling better while the rains keep reminding me´.

This song is not about racism however. I wrote it for a special person in my life whom I will always love very much. She was going through a dark tunnel, trying to uncover light underneath layers of pain,guilt, fear,and the uncertainty about sexual abuse perpetrated against her when she was a very young girl.

¨does it ever heal show me, will it ever rise higher than all the secret pain¨.¨i only want to know love¨.
´Break The Chain´ was my way of expressing hope to her perhaps expunging those shackled memories. Unlocking the prison of her fears.

¨i only want to know love¨

I have often criticized my singing on earlier albums. I will not do this anymore. I promise!. I am proud of my history for better, for worse. You guys helped me appreciate this so thanks. If you were to ask me a top 10 favourite CH song list ´ ¨Break The Chain¨would most certainly be included. I sang this vocal well. It is also written melodically in such a manner mirrors the lyrics imagery. The track’s mix from Mr. Gatica is world class. All instruments bleed, cut, soothe,mesh, heal like a fountain of water all sparkling together in unison. I was lucky that this song found it’s way into his talented hands. Thanks to Vito Luprano. Humberto and I were very close at one time but on the Jade CD we went separate ways which I regret .

´i only want know love , truth is everything I believe in´

By the denouement, I am urging the listeners to find courage and naked passion in pursuit of their own freedom, their own individual emancipation.No more chains.

¨I can run wild raise my arms reaching for the open skies i belong here where the light is strong i will lay my body again , imagine all the flowers again.¨

BTC is the twin brother of ‘Truth Will Set You Free’. Even the guitar melody I wrote is identical as the one I played on piano at the end of ´Truth Will Set you Free’. If you listen carefully you will surely spot it at 3.55 on BTC and 3.16 onTWSUF. But the twin brother´s ITM re TWSUF awaits the new version The new video, the new dawning of light on this song. Amongst many similarities with Break The Chain there is also a theme, an important message which I wanted to convey back in 1988 but I obscured in the original lyrics. Because it was never released as a single I rarely talked about this song to the media. That is until this year when everything suddenly, unexpectedly changed. Wonderful.

´i only want to know love
truth is everything I believe in´
Corey Hart

5 Responses to “Break The Chain – Inside The Music”
  1. tlc

    “Think if one could ever really touch
    the soul of the earth
    no it wouldn’t crumle”

    I don’t really understand what exactly your lyrics mean but somehow there is a connection that takes place internally. Perhaps people who have experienced similar emotions can just feel the subconscious mirror…or “let water seek it’s own level.”

    sing from our heart troubadour, for we are mute without you

  2. Kathy

    Corey, I just spent my whole evening reading & listening to everything on your website. At nearly 60yrs. of age, this is how I some rtimes spend my “down” time (or my running-away time) since I’m not in a position to take vacations & can become quite lonely at times. I love music. I got here by researching Rick Springfield on General Hospital!! And I’m SO glad. I learned a lot about you, your family, and your values … even looked at your wife Julie’s jewelry up close (every piece on here). BUT I just want to say how I wish you would mentor on “American Idol” & sing a medley of “I Still Love You”, “Sunglasses At Night & “Never Surrender.” You are a very hard worker who never gave up your dreams & still keep true to yourself. Hope to watch you on my favorite show one day soon! Just give J-Lo or Randy Jackson a “tweet” or a call!! LOL

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