Truth Will Set U Free

This song was originally recorded for my 4th studio album ‘ Young Man Running’ in 1988. ‘Truth Will Set U Free’ is probably only familiar to my die hard music fans as it was never issued as a single.

When I first heard about ‘1Love’ wanting to remix the song with a club groove I was intrigued. I receive numerous requests for ‘Sunglasses At Night’ ‘Never Surrender’ or ‘Everything In my Heart’ but rarely do I get asks for a non Corey Hart single.

I listened to 1Loves re-mixed first draft. It was predominantly beat groove with little musicality so I was initially dismayed.1Love had asked permission to sample my original vocals. But my former record label could not locate the analog master whereabouts. It seemed like a dead end unless I recorded new vocals. But I had an intuitive positive karma about this journey so I took the track under my creative wings. We added guitars, keyboards, additional programming plus the missing lead vocal which was recorded in Barcelona, February 1, 2012.

Why am I undertaking this project? My priority over the last decade since stepping away from the music world is to continue raising our four children with my wife Julie.

The motivation lies with 1Love and the song itself. Paul Todd´s story is compelling. His genuine bond for ‘Truth Will Set U Free´ touched me. He possesses the magical wonder of dreams. But even more remarkable about this tale unfolding was that I was completely unaware of Paul´s taxi job nights & precarious financial situation until midway through the game.

´Truth Will Set U Free’ is about honesty and my philosophic belief that ultimately being true to yourself is the key to happiness. Every individual’s inalienable right to be who they are without fear or recrimination.

But above these universal themes there is a message which in 1988 as a young 26 year old songwriter I obscured in veiled lyrical imagery. I have since rewritten some of those words to lift the veil.

‘Truth will Set U Free’ is also a song composed for those who were born gay. I am a straight man so I do not profess to understand or know what a LGBT person experiences. It is only through my observations that I created the song. But I have relatives, close friends, musical soul mates who are gay. I have often witnessed their plight for acceptance, dignity and recognition. I am not suggesting in any fashion that all gays are victimized. This would be disingenuous. However, Matthew Shepard´s story from Laramie, Wyoming in 1998 was about innocent victimization by cold callous prejudice. His tragic death for me epitomized the senseless cruelty still prevalent in so many small towns or cultured big cities of our society. I hope “Truth Will Set U Free” & 1Love’s story can offer some strength of empowerment for those who at times must journey down life’s harder road.

“I believe u can really touch the soul of the earth, no no no no it will not crumble” Corey Hart.


1Love’s Story
Throughout my life I’ve had more hardships than I can fathom. I found refuge in music with songs that made my heart come alive. Growing up real poor in the slums of Toronto, I struggled to fit in. We moved from place to place. Music was always there for me. Am I a huge fan of Canadian Singer-Songwriter Corey Hart you may wonder? Yes! We even share the same birthday May 31. A coincidence? Maybe, but I say not. I feel connected to Corey’s music. He sings and writes from his heart & soul. ¨Never Surrender¨ ¨In your Soul” to name but a few.

One moment which defined my life was the day my Dad died. My mother, father and I were all packed up in the car to find a better life. We had a green light when suddenly along came a car running the red light broadsiding us killing my dad instantly. The man driving the other car that killed my dad was a drunk driver. This event swept my mother into a nasty downward spiral of drugs, alcohol. At five, my half sister was born. 5 years later my half brother. During those ten years I lived in 6 different places with shady people coming in and out of my mother’s life. Parties all night turning mostly violent. I hated it. I would spend hours hidden in my room listening to music. It was my 1love.

We finally ended up in a hostel shelter when I was 12 years old. The kids bullied me so much at school that I would intentionally get detention so I didn’t have to face them at recess. I couldn’t go to school anymore from the fear. I hated it. I stopped school. I found part time jobs in a bicycle store, computer assembly warehouse and a local grocery working full time at 16.

I was in the Big Brother program where I met a man named Al who helped mentor me. I eventually moved in with his family. He was decent and was always there for me until one day he had a sudden brain aneurism and died. I was devastated.

My mother had taken my half siblings to Kingston, Ontario to get clean. I had no choice when Al died to move back with my mother.

In Kingston, I found work, finally got a car, and then met the woman of my dreams. She loved me not for what I didn’t have but for who I was. One day I decided I wanted more in life I announced to her that I was starting my own DJ company!

My first DJ gig was back at the age of 13. Hooked ever since. My business steadily climbed. I built my own company with $500.00 cash in my pocket, no line of credit, just pure passion. I have never regretted my decision.

My wife and I have made a life together. We have 4 children, Joshua, Curtis, Tyler and Eliza.

Working at a day job delivering mail, as well as the week-end DJ ing my business suddenly took a downward turn because of the bad economy. I started to drive cab four nights a week till 2am making sure we could get by financially.

In 2011, something incredible happened. I had been trying to trace my father’s roots,birth certificate. I discovered my mother had lied to me for almost 40 years, keeping secret the fact about my biological siblings whom I never knew existed. I felt like I had been hit by an emotional hammer. All I wanted was my mother to stop lying deceiving me.

“Truth Will Set U Free” has always been my favorite Corey Hart song. It portrays my life with its message of being true to yourself as the key to happiness.

In October 2011, I took a chance emailing my idol Mr Hart with an idea of a cool dance remix for his song. I was hoping for a shot at something big. A one in a million but expecting the worse as most things in my life have always been uphill battles.

To my surprise I heard back from Siena his label with Warner Music Canada. Could my dream become reality!!? Corey usually signs off his FB with ‘one love’ so this inspired me to call my career DJ artist name ¨1Love.Then came an email from Corey himself saying he would be interested in seeing where this could possibly lead but with no promises. He liked the overall concept agreeing ‘Truth Will Set U Free’ could be given a new life.

Corey Hart has an awesome soul. You can tell these things..He truly cares. He has no idea the positive impact that this has had on my life, my family already- I want to motivate people just like me, people who have potential but are just plain down on their luck, never given the chance. I want ¨1Love¨ to reinvent older songs, bring them into the spotlight. Tunes that have meaning. Corey Hart´s ¨Truth Will Set U Free¨ is my beginning. Paul Todd, Jan 2012.

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ch rapid fire train of thoughts

ch random speed train of thought non sequitur + sequitur  Go! Let the ramblings begin. I solemnly swear I Dig! my :

Doc Martens yellow laced on the beach in Spain, Levi Jeans, ´Billy Jean´ by MJ. ´Ben´unplugged ch´ 

Apples+ Mac, Granny Smith, Honey-Crisp. Hard & crunchy + Canadian Crunchie Bars 2+ don´t like any Bars except the Chocolate variety.

Dig the song ´I Can´t Make U love Me´ by B. Raitt, ´One´ by U2. L Mullen & I shared the same haircut for many years. No more spikes for ch. It’s a young man rock star. GQ image 2012 is more refined + appropriate for soon to b 50. I Like Paul Simon´s ´50 Ways 2 Leave Your Lover´ 2.

Like Earl Grey Tea with milk & sugar please! ññ. Reminded our children constantly about ´please & thank you+.Not always succeeding:) um… Like having tea with raspberry scones in a London Hotel lobby, sitting in a great chair reading ´International Herald Tribune´ with Wifi nearby (just in case).+ going to sleep in soft sheets Egyptian Cotton. Nice firm bed for Julie and I. 3 pillows 4 me, 3 for her.. 2hotShowers minimum (with no more crying). How about that for a like!
´Like Ciao Bella´. Sultry summer nights r sublime. I like this song. I love the woman I wrote it for. I sang it well.:) Did i say that?? Nah! Yep! 

I like Scrabble. I dislike math especially when I cannot figure out if the cashier has given me back the right change ññ

I dislike..correction.. I loathe bullshitters, con artists, smooth slick talking jive-sters or pretentious, arrogant sods. Say what you mean & do what you say. My word is my bond. Mom taught me that long ago.

Ah…Dingle, Murphy´s Ice cream – Glendalough, Ireland traveling w Julie & the children. Like Ice cream made by Dino Spain. I liked the ´Flintstones´when I was a kid.J Travolta in SNF&Grease. Olivia´s voice reminded me of Julie when I first heard her. Destiny. I believe in destiny. I like ONJ.´Physical a good fun pop record. Kim Carnes & Bonnie Tyler sound a-like. Bonnie T asked to do a duet with me in the 80´s. I was dumb. I should of said Yes. 

I don´t like when I am dumb. ´It´s a Heartache´ Hart Ache.

Tracy Chapman ´Fast Car´ would probably not get played on the radio if it were released as a new artist´s single today. How sad is that. Maybe even ´Never Surrender’ a similar fate+ so Dislike what has happened to the landscape of top 40 radio. 

Like Dungeness Crab Cakes, General Tao Chicken,Hunan Dumplings, Chicken Korma, Vegetable Jalfrezi. Russian Borscht, Helene Picotte’s (my sister in law) Gateau De Salade De Fruits (with Butter Caramel sauce) +Ah, C’est ecourante Tabar. Greek Salad with extra Feta. Walkers Crisps Prawn Cocktail and of course a grilled cheese. 
Dig Smoothies. All kinds but especially with blueberries, mango, banana . Trivia. Every capital. EMF . ¨unbelievable¨. :) ññ 
Like red lights but not the ´red light district´ JJ ññ u listening. ! 

+Dislike snoring. ch v light sleeper. + dig Martha Stewarts Cookies recipe book . I am addicted. + o yes I like ´Addicted to Love´ by the late great Robert Palmer. 
Dislike-Racism, rudeness,ruthlessness,religion masked behind prejudice. I believe+love loyalty. True Blue. 

Don´t like big action hero Hollywood movies. Boring 4 me. Dig dramas . I dig J Carrey & Ben Stiller comedy sometimes. I don´t like Tom Cruise. Comes across as a Pretender. Like ´Brass In Pocket´by The Pretenders´ cool song.. liked my chat with her in 1988.. (hey initials just like mine ch) in LA by the Hotel pool.

+ Like to read Biographies of Political leaders 19th century. JFK, RFK ,Churchill, Mao,Stalin & Nixon. The good, the bad, the ugly.
Like Julie Christie’e eyes in ´Dr Zhivago´ mesmerizing. Jackie B T in ‘The Deep’ ha ha Tantalizing. Liked Farrah´s red bathing suit poster hormonal vying. Who didn’t ? Liked Nadia Comaneci. Had all her pics over my bedroom after the Olympics in ´76- 10!

´Pumped Up Kicks´. Needs an ITM ..ññ Rain & I like this one in between KC Sunshine, Chic & Van Morrison. Dig Tae Kwon Do ´Kicks´ by Rain and Lionel Messi for Barcelona. Like Bahamian Sunshine.. ah…the best. 

I like ‘ Tell Me’. Video. ´Tell Me´ song by ch..´It’s ok it’s alright’ in ´Everything In My Heart’ . I like this song a lot. IYS 2.- This is me to the core-y 
+ Ever noticed how many times I sing ‘I said’ in my songs or ´Na Na Na´?. Dislike Monday the dog.ññ 

‘Truth Will Set You Free´ 2012 will perhaps be my final single 2 radio. But a truly fitting, powerful & hopefully inspirational massive hit single to commemorate my 30 Years of ´Viva La Vida´. (O yeah CP good song 2)

I do not dig Skype,or flying in planes with turbulence or waiting in lines. hmm.. I dig our caravan. I dig my fans. I dig email. I will never dig a cave & disappear again. phew! breathe. I dig MC& RF.. I dig, ´One Love ´

Corey Hart, April 15th.

It Ain’t Enough – In The Music

´It Ain´t Enough´ – Inside The Music. Words and Music by Corey Hart. Produced by Jon Astley & Phil Chapman. Recorded at Revolution Studios, UK, April 1982.
‘First Offense’ Album 1984. Chart Position  #4 (Canada Singles),  #17 (USA Billboard Singles).

Summer of 1981. I was driving south from Montreal on the I90 in a Mazda GLC car having just turned19 years old. I was emboldened with energetic youthful enthusiasm but deep down scared shitless of the great unknowns awaiting me. I actually got pulled over by the police outside of Albany. I was speeding so fast with the cassette blasting Nick Lowe´s ´Cruel To Be Kind´ that I had no idea cops had been following me for a while with sirens blaring. Almost got arrested because I didn’t have my Canadian passport with me (just my driver’s license) So no autographs to save my butt in those pre-fame days. 4 hours into the trip and I already had a hefty speeding ticket with a red neck sheriff. So with my heart pounding I drove the rest of the way like a snail.

I was eager to spend that summer in Long Island, NY being afforded a golden opportunity of working with some of the musicians from Billy Joel’s hot band. I recorded several demos over the summer in pursuit of finally landing my first record deal. I had been trying since I was 11 years old. My first night in the studio I met Billy, Lisa Dal Bello and Aldo Nova. Pretty cool eh. Lisa and I became friends.

I played live gigs several weekends in a music club restaurant with some members of the BJ band. On a few Sunday nights, I would also perform in the club alone at the piano. No one really payed me any notice though. After a while, it felt as if I was singing to an empty room, although I could always hear chatter or laughing in the background. A far cry from the scream-fest glory days of my BITB tours to come which I much prefer! Thanks! It also marked the first time that I ever made $ for my musical talents. The club owner would pay me 35$ dollars in cash per Sunday for 1.5 hours of singing. Wow. I was rich! :)   I would always slip in a Bee Gee song like ´To Love Somebody¨ or Billy Joel´s ´Honesty´  to try & get the crowd listening. It didn’t help much. It’s interesting how a song that I admired like ‘Honesty’, (perhaps my favourite BJ song) only went as high as #24 on the US Billboard charts. It made no sense to me. Not even Top 20?? I later used this rationale of the crazy music business not ´making any sense´ to try and assuage my disappointment and genuine hurt when songs like¨ In Your Soul´ or ´Everything In My Heart ´peaked in the 30´s on the very same US singles Billboard chart.

My songwriting was prolific in those early days. I would spend all my waking hours at piano ‘chipping away’ melodies and lyrical ideas. When your young you don’t think of time structure in the same orderly fashion we do as adults. At least I didn’t. I only wanted to write, sing, sign my recording contract. It was all the air I needed to breathe. Nothing else mattered. I would often eat meals at the piano cause I didn’t want to interrupt the creative process. I was dating Erika my first true girlfriend but she was back in Montreal. She visited me for 2 weeks in July.

I probably wrote over 50 tunes that summer. Yes. One of them in the mix was called ‘ It Ain’t Enough’. I confess this song is very sentimental for me, one of my favourites. It is Corey straight down to the core.The chord sequence, melody, phrasing, even the pouting in my voice. It was a song that defined me as a young budding songwriter. It represented a big step in my creative evolution when I wrote it at 19. 

“I could capture all the love the great romantics had, sing you a song that ain’t half bad, but that ain’t enough, that ain’t enough for you” 

I was using alliteration techniques which I found really effective in songs. I later applied the same style in ´Sunglasses At Night’ ‘ ‘ repeating ´so I can, so I can’, but whom was I singing about if I was happy in my relationship with Erika. This may come as a shocker surprise to most of you but it was not for a girl. It was written for all the record labels that kept rejecting me. By late August when I wrote the song several companies in NYC had already passed on my material. I felt rebuffed again. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t like me? What was I doing wrong? What do they freaking want !?

‘It Ain’t Enough,  It Ain’t Enough’  Nothing’s enough for you!´.

I took these emotions sculpting them it into a love song of unrequited love. Of never quite matching up to their expectations. Never being good enough. Yep, my friends that´s the truth of where the song origins come from.

¨ I could carry the weight of your sad times dear, give you the strength to face your fears´ “I know ill never be afraid to say I’m here by your side and i’m gonna stay¨.

These lines in the bridge were nascent, seminal lyrical themes I repeated for future compositions like ‘I Am By Your Side’, ‘Always’ and ´Baby When I Call your Name’. These words were for Erika. 

¨I could pour you a drink like I pour out my heart, smile when i’m sad and act dumb when i’m smart¨. 

Those lines were my attempt at transcending the ‘silly love songs’  I was determined not to write. I always wanted to compose meaningful, intelligent lyrics without being preachy or pedantic. Of course whether I succeeded or not is subjective. I was listening to the Nick Lowe album. I discovered another song I liked on it called ´You Make Me´. A really slow, sparse, simple ballad. It was a love song that inspired me with colours for ´It Ain´t Enough´There is no explanation for musical influences. All musicians are influenced subconsciously or consciously. It is as natural to sunrise as sunset.

I was so fortunate to have two supremely talented, supportive Producers for my debut album Mr.Jon Astley and Mr. Phil Chapman. Jon often told me not to sing ´with plumbs in my mouth´ cause I was garbling my words or pouting too often. But I really wasn’t trying to do anything except sing in bloody key with emotion. But Jon was right. I did swallow my words in a way. I am not picking on my vocals now :) so don´t get in a huff my loyal ‘caravanistas’.

I loved saxophone. I met Andy Hamilton through Jon who hired him for the album. Such a great horn player. We traveled the world together on many tours, future recordings. No one could ever say a bad word about Andy the Scot. His playing on IAE is brilliant.  

But without doubt the musician I was closest with was British guitarist Michael Hehir. Mike and I had this quiet musical karma where we could just look at one another & tap into the creative landscape we were trying to paint. I told him in the studio one day that I was ‘going to make it  & he was going to be in my band if he wanted too’. Maybe he thought I didn’t really mean it (about being in my band) that I was just being polite. But I did mean it. Mike Hehir plays guitar with the swagger of a Keith Richards,  graceful blues of a Knopfler or Gilmour, sensitivity of a Harrison, and the cojones of a Steve Stevens. All of these styles resonating in Mike’s unique musical soul. His solo on ‘Everything in My Heart’ or Mandolin touches with ‘Crossroad Caravan’ still brings a lump to the throat. We had some amazing times together. He will always be my brother.

So there goes another ITM.  “It Ain’t Enough” was awarded as a ´Socan Canadian Classic´ song in 1996. I am so grateful for the sincere appreciation and love my fans have given to this song. I will always sing it for you in concert (even if it´s just one more in 2013) It will always make the playlist.

Irony in the words is that you have blessed me with ‘More Than Enough’ for a lifetime. I honour this gift from you, my fans.  In closing, I quote from the last lines in the second bridge of IAE:

‘I’m here by your side & I’m gonna stay.. Just a little closer to you’ 

Well, I mean this one too :)
Corey Hart, March 8, 2012.

Break The Chain – Inside The Music

Inside The Music. ‘Break The Chain’. Recorded in Nassau, The Bahamas at Compass Point Studios. Words &Music by Corey Hart. Produced by Corey Hart. Mixed by Humberto Gatica. “Jade” CD, 1998 Sony Music Canada

It was late January,1998. I was at home watching TV on an ordinary afternoon in our small apartment in Nassau. We were building our’ dream house’ so only renting during this period a small flat. India was 2.5 years old & Dante our 2nd daughter born only a few weeks shy of Christmas, December 23, 1997. They were both beautiful healthy girls. But sleep deprivation for Julie and I on high alert! I was adamant we were going to bottle feed our children. This may sound odd or bizarre to a few folks but I was actually envious that only the female gender had the privileged honour of carrying cherished fetuses for 9 months. Also in society norms, mother´s are generally the sole food providers after birth. But when India arrived on July 8,1995 there was no way under the stars that I was not going to be an equal nurturer when her placenta was removed. I cut the cord. Scary!

The first year babies only want to cry, eat, drink, burp (v important),do their stinky business, get cleaned up & then go back to dreamland again where the pattern repeats like a washing machine on permanent spin cycle. Ah, yes and the cute smiles….
I wasn’t about to miss out on all this fun now was I? Dumbo Mr Hart ññ. The parental bonding in these first years baby were very important for me. I suppose shaped again by my father and our tale. We both decided with River and Rain that they were going to be breastfed so Julie could experience the phenomenal gifts of mother’s milk to child.

So I was surfing through the channels that day, half dozing off when I stumbled upon the ´Oprah Winfrey Show´.The guest was a caucasian male who was explaining his inbred hatred for the black race. How it had been ingrained into his psyche since he was a little kid, passed on to him from generation to generation by his family descendants. The show’s theme was in honour of Martin Luther King Day. He went on describing in detail how he wanted to finally ‘ Break The Chain’. Once these three simple words were spoken they jumped out at me with arrows jettisoned from my TV screen. Suddenly I was no longer sluggish. I wanted to write music!. This is how my process usually evolves. I will have a lyrical idea as the first few seeds. Sometimes it’s just scattered lines but they then find themselves in cadence or melody while I chop away, sculpt my song experimentations. 90% on the piano as was the case with ´Break The Chain’.

´does it ever end tell me does it ever change colour does l it ever start feeling better while the rains keep reminding me´.

This song is not about racism however. I wrote it for a special person in my life whom I will always love very much. She was going through a dark tunnel, trying to uncover light underneath layers of pain,guilt, fear,and the uncertainty about sexual abuse perpetrated against her when she was a very young girl.

¨does it ever heal show me, will it ever rise higher than all the secret pain¨.¨i only want to know love¨.
´Break The Chain´ was my way of expressing hope to her perhaps expunging those shackled memories. Unlocking the prison of her fears.

¨i only want to know love¨

I have often criticized my singing on earlier albums. I will not do this anymore. I promise!. I am proud of my history for better, for worse. You guys helped me appreciate this so thanks. If you were to ask me a top 10 favourite CH song list ´ ¨Break The Chain¨would most certainly be included. I sang this vocal well. It is also written melodically in such a manner mirrors the lyrics imagery. The track’s mix from Mr. Gatica is world class. All instruments bleed, cut, soothe,mesh, heal like a fountain of water all sparkling together in unison. I was lucky that this song found it’s way into his talented hands. Thanks to Vito Luprano. Humberto and I were very close at one time but on the Jade CD we went separate ways which I regret .

´i only want know love , truth is everything I believe in´

By the denouement, I am urging the listeners to find courage and naked passion in pursuit of their own freedom, their own individual emancipation.No more chains.

¨I can run wild raise my arms reaching for the open skies i belong here where the light is strong i will lay my body again , imagine all the flowers again.¨

BTC is the twin brother of ‘Truth Will Set You Free’. Even the guitar melody I wrote is identical as the one I played on piano at the end of ´Truth Will Set you Free’. If you listen carefully you will surely spot it at 3.55 on BTC and 3.16 onTWSUF. But the twin brother´s ITM re TWSUF awaits the new version The new video, the new dawning of light on this song. Amongst many similarities with Break The Chain there is also a theme, an important message which I wanted to convey back in 1988 but I obscured in the original lyrics. Because it was never released as a single I rarely talked about this song to the media. That is until this year when everything suddenly, unexpectedly changed. Wonderful.

´i only want to know love
truth is everything I believe in´
Corey Hart

Jenny Fey – Inside The Music

“Jenny Fey”
Words & Music by Corey Hart
Recorded at Revolution Studios, Cheadle Hulme, United Kingdom, April 1982.
Released on Corey Hart´s “First Offence” Album, November 1983.
Produced by Jon Astley &Phil Chapman

It was December 8, 1980. Erika and I had just returned from a movie date. Not sure which one we saw that evening but on the drive back home from dropping her off I heard “Imagine” on the Montreal radio station I always listened to. The DJ announced as the song ended that the legendary John Lennon had just been shot down in New York City in front of his home at The Dakotas . I was incredulous. I just sat in the car completely stunned.

In an instant, one single moment of random insanity, the world needlessly lost a musical genius. In those early pre fame days, I somewhat associated myself with John Lennon because I was in love with Erika who was half-Japanese (hence “Eurasian Eyes” written in 1985) Yoko Ono was Japanese. Lennon was a profound songwriter, something I aspired to become hopefully one day. “Woman” was one of our special songs together, Erika and I.

That night every Montreal radio station played John Lennon or Beatles songs. “Hey Jude”, “Let It Be”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Eleanor Rigby”. But this last one somehow left me captivated, entranced as I sat alone in my car just listening.

I was inspired, motivated, all the melodies running through my brain, my blood, my musical heart beating wildly. I raced upstairs to our apartment. My mom was at home as always, sitting alone watching TV by herself.  It was close to midnight. We talked briefly about the senseless murder. I looked at her. I heard the music of “Eleanor Rigby”.

I told her I needed to compose right away, maybe all night long. I hoped the music droning, pounding wouldn’t t keep her up. I then went straight to my piano. I began to write the nascent dreams of “Jenny Fey”.

I thought about my mom´s life. Her melancholy, her utter loneliness. My father had meant everything to her.  He was like her existence.  She married when she was just 17 years old. Can you believe. When their marriage ruptured after 5 children together, she clung desperately close to her last baby boy, Corey. Ironically, I resembled my father physically more than any of my other siblings.

The bond between us is stronger than mighty winds or oceans which might geographically separate us now. Our bond is inviolate. She has always loved me unconditionally. She has always given me the purity of her heart to follow my music.  I may not have had a father like I longed for but I had my special Mom. I wrote “Jenny Fey” for Mina Weber Hart.  I was 18 years old. Ah, it feels like a century ago but I remember staying up past 4am that December night still working on the choruses, verses. I finished the song by morning´s light. I am humbled “Jenny Fey” touched so many of you all, my true fans.

“O can’t you hear the lonely crying in the world
O can’t you feel the lonely crying in the word
Yet the Jenny Feys go on
Jenny Fey has got no friends, she feeds her cat and knits amends
Jenny Fey would smile a song but now her face is sad and drawn”

This was a portrait of my Mother in those days.

I sang JF like many others from that era on my debut Album “First Offence” without much experience or studio technique. Today, I know I could perform this song so much better, giving it depth in tone and pronunciation. But what is ´better´ anyways. It´s all subjective isn´t it? I can still hear the sincerity of my vocal despite its many shortcomings. I guess many of you hear it the same way too.

I am forever grateful for the guidance and immense talent of my two UK Producers Jon & Phil.  One afternoon while Jon and I strolled the park with his 2 young daughters near their home in Twickenham, he casually turned to me and said:

“I thought of ringing up Eric to come play on Jenny Fey.” Eric??
“Eric who?” I asked confused. Jon replied with his cheeky soft grin:
“Eric Clapton, playing on Dobro perhaps.”
Holy shit, Miracles!

The experience of watching Mr. Clapton record his Dobro will always remain one of my true career highlights. While he played so gracefully you get hear his deep breathing through the open mic.  As if he was living through the song, becoming a part of the song´s soul through the process. When he finished & came into the studio for a playback listen. He looked towards me, as I was kind of sheepishly hiding in the corner trying not to get in the way. He gently expressed words I shall never forget:
“What a very pretty song you wrote there Corey”.  Thank you Mr. Eric Clapton.  Thank you all.

Corey Hart , January 27th, 2012

Reconcile – Inside The Music

‎’Reconcile’ – from the album “Jade” (Sony Music Canada, Words&Music by Corey Hart Produced by Corey Hart. Mixed by Humberto Gatica, May 1998 Nassau, The Bahamas.)

This song encompasses many colours of the emotional palette. Some bright, others darkly muted, conflicted. A coming of age ode written for my father.
Did he ever hear the song. No. Did he ever empathize. Probably not. Would he really care anyways…?. I will never know.

He died in 2003 a few weeks shy of his 83rd birthday alone in his bedroom as he wished it to be.

I never played him the song because by the time I had written ´Reconcile´ I was no longer seeking the idealistic dreams of my lost youth in quest of a father’s approbation. it was too late.
I never hated because this emotion is toxic. I simply never understood how his own child did not carry enough importance for him to even play a marginal focus of his life.
How could it be that I mattered so little to him. Never a goodnight kiss, nor talks along the roadside, nor sharing defeats or triumphs. Never once did I hear the three words I yearned the most. ‘ I love you’.

‘ along the beach i never collected shells from my father’s shore’
‘when i was 22 years old i thought i owned what made me sad but you can’t trade silver or buy with gold for the times you never had’

´truth is it’s just too late to really make a start’ ‘ ‘ it’s all about the choices you make I will never, I will never understand’.

We are all not destined to become parents. It is not innately built into our DNA’s. I have many close friends who chose not to have children because they responsibly acknowledged the sacrifices involved recognizing it simply wasn’t cut out for them.

emancipation, freedom, acceptance, forgiveness, ‘ reconcile’ All easier said than done I learned. I am not bitter. In a strange twist of fate my father may have given me the sweetest lesson of my life. Dedicate yourself to the children. Be there for them when patience is worn thin. Listen to them when you can´t find enough space in your own brain to hear your thoughts anymore. He taught me not to be like him.

I am the youngest of the 5 Hart siblings. My father’s name was Bert. My mother’s Mina. I rarely saw him as my parents marriage dissolved when I was a young boy.

I bumped about the world from the age of 5 to 12 traveling Spain, Mexico, Florida,Montreal, and despite caravan crisscrossing the globe, the one constant dynamic remained my father was invisible. Never a physical presence except for fleeting scattered memories.

Why did I need to ´Reconcile´this hurt. Why did I write the song.- well It made me feel better. Music always makes me feel better. So this song is my healing.

I am sure my father cared in his misguided manner which he believed was righteous by providing materially for our family. He would sometimes rub my hand with his palm telling me it would bring me good luck. I thank him for the good luck. I have been blessed with so much.

But reconciling is a hard rationale. Logic often defies emotions. Pain cannot be dissected like a mathematical equation which equals to = zero.

This inside the music is perhaps delving deeper into my personal history than you all bargained for. But I trust you with these thoughts. We all have our own crosses to bear.

The guitar playing on this track is exquisite. All performed by Michael Thompson. A genuine impressionistic artist of the highest caliber. Thanks Michael for gracing this song.

One last comment on ´Reconcile´ which actually transcends the music. It is not simple or easy to make peace. History has proven to us time and again that compromise & goodwill towards one other is not majority rule but an ever elusive pursuit. I am not lecturing. We are all on the same playing field.

I usually sign off my FB posts with´peace´or ´one love´ because despite all the intricate details that make us all complex individuals, we all share common humanity.
Please let´s keep the CH FB wall a home for freedom of expression in all it’s colours,shapes and forms. Let’s take the high road. We may not consistently see eye to eye but mutual respect renders petty differences or jealousies to the barren hinterlands where they rightfully belong.

one love. smile.

corey hart
happy new year 2012

Hello CH Caravan-Istas

Hello CH Caravan-Istas.

What a simply wonderful year 2011 has been for Corey Hart. I never imagined I would have had the opportunity of reconnecting with my true fans after so many rivers traveled under bridge without nary a glimpse or sound from me. I was certain most of you would of stopped caring or listening to ´ch songs´ – completely understandable given my decade absence from the spotlight. But I was quite happily mistaken.

What we experience in our youth are priceless memories which die hard. None of us let them go easily & why the hell should we. I am a teenager again reborn when I hear “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb or jam up The Knack’s “My Sharona” recalling when I first drove a car, blasting this tune on the radio with best buddy cousin David in South Florida.

These days of individual discovery for better or for worse marked us, shaping who we are today. I read an article posted on FB about Mr. Ricky Bartalini who commented after watching me perform live in Oakland, California back in´84 how it ‘changed his life’ guiding him into the successful music promotor entrepreneur he has become today. Well done Rick.

The generosity of spirit, appreciation & even the cryptic witty humour I receive from some of your letters on FB & Gmail really brighten my week.

Show Biz is without doubt a rough jungle to navigate filled with quicksand pits & bullshitters ready to sell ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. There was a period in the early 90′s when my musical spirits were disillusioned. I felt rejected -bewildered how it was possible that my rock star house of cards came tumbling down so effortlessly.

Besotted with both the mythology and the utter disposability of pop music I naively believed in my longevity. My musical eternity solidified through the songs I had written. Tracks like “Diamond Cowboy”, “Bang!”, or even “Chase The Sun” speak to this theme from those years. Now in retrospect I don’t believe I was so naive after all.

Today like a surreal dream when you post a clip of me from the 80′s on FB, I am reminded of the shy, spiky haired singer-songwriter from Montreal who dreamed large with “Everything In My Heart”.

So many of these TV performances from Germany, Italy, Spain or Japan I had never seen before. An instant CH museum of footage. Thanks!

We shall step forward in 2012 with new adventures enjoyed and surely unforeseen challenges to overcome. I will do my utmost to keep up the Friday Posts on FB. They are a blast.

I am planning to record several duets with my new dear friend AM. Ah, you undercover sleuths already figured this out. Clever bunch. I am honoured to share music with Alannah Myles. She is a Canadian treasure. I know the songs will be magical.

I hope you enjoy the new old music demos, Q&A 2 interview from Dante, River and Rain.

2011 has championed incredible movement in all parts of the globe. The Arab Spring clearly demonstrates the power people possess when galvanized in united, common good.
The universe encompasses enormous space but miraculously through the wonders of technology we can now reach each other like never before. I sing a song from my bedroom balcony in Spain & presto it´s flying, free soaring like an eagle messenger into your homes from Singapore 2 Seattle.

I hope you can check out Marie Christine´s CD “Walk in Beauty”. If you haven´t had the chance yet it will make a superb Christmas gift. “Silence” will be released in Canada late January. If we can make some noise with this single it will open the door to USA and beyond. MC deserves it. The whole team does.

In closing, my musical heart is very committed towards making ’30 Years of Music’ CBC TV special in 2013 a reality. For me, it marks a true milestone with emotional significance. Julie and the 4 children remain my oxygen in life but we are all eager to share together for this festive occasion. Let’s just see where the journey leads us my reunited caravan of friends. Peace. Happy New Year 2012.

one love, corey hart

Welcome to my new website!

October 7th, 2011 is a date I will always remember. After more than a decade of flying stealth low under the radar I am ever fortunate to have been given an encore in my musical career through Siena Records / Warner Music Canada. Finding the delicate balance between my 24/7 life as a hands on parent and the former Rock Star is challenging to say the least.

But truth be told I am getting better at it :) I realize that this is not a full Corey Hart comeback with me out there on tour, releasing new CD´s etc. I don´t know when this day will arrive. We let the universe take care of this. But what we have now created together through the Official website & FB is a real gift for me of which I am most grateful of. We have all tried at Siena, Warner, Mr Rob Bolton! above all to make this website a welcoming place for my true fans. An open forum to exchange their varied CH musical ideas, thoughts, anecdotes, memories and yes even the recent additions of omnipresent flashing neon love signs.. ah man.. ha,ha.

I have awesome fans who deserve nothing but the best. Inside my website you will find new original CH songs, some of my very early pre fame demos, plus a treasure trove of other assorted items from the Unplugged live guitar performance of me singing ´Ben´ by Michael Jackson to several of my original art work drawings.

I genuinely wanted to give something back because without you I would of never been able to realize my dreams. Peace, B well & in Canada enjoy the Turkey! this weekend.

Write me with your comments on everything or anything. I look forward to reading them all. Adios.

Corey Hart, October 7th, 2011

My fans have always been special to me


So after several months now of rebirth with this new web site I am feeling ever grateful & appreciative of the opportunities it has opened up for me to reach my true fans. I have always wanted my songs to connect with listeners whomever or wherever they may be throughout our universe. With Marie-Christine’s CD release of “Walk In Beauty” I have found my way back.

I was often critical of Facebook with my own children in the past & Internet ubiquity in general. But if used properly…man what a fantastic meteor for instant Karma with those that share light & love for music as I do.

Music has always resonated in my heart ever since I was a painfully shy 9-year-old kid in search of a trusted friend. I realize in the last decade I’ve taken a road less traveled in your presence.

My fans have always been special to me. You are a wonderful collective of souls yet also individuals with your own unique stories to share & express.

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Hello June 20 across the world of continents

Hope your all having a super summer .I will be updating a new video post soon cause the old one has been yanked down for being obsolete. Thanks for all the kind emails & positive reviews from my recent promo blitz with Marie-Christine in Canada. It was cool seeing a lot of my fans again & I throughly enjoyed the George S show. Man, that was a blast . He’s a star. Here’s a link if you missed it.

OK .. b well, & please tell your friends, who can tell their friends & then they pass it on to each cashier girl/boy in every supermarket of the universe . check out ‘walk in beauty’ by marie christine.
:) :) peace, play music,