Welcome to my new website!

October 7th, 2011 is a date I will always remember. After more than a decade of flying stealth low under the radar I am ever fortunate to have been given an encore in my musical career through Siena Records / Warner Music Canada. Finding the delicate balance between my 24/7 life as a hands on parent and the former Rock Star is challenging to say the least.

But truth be told I am getting better at it :) I realize that this is not a full Corey Hart comeback with me out there on tour, releasing new CD´s etc. I don´t know when this day will arrive. We let the universe take care of this. But what we have now created together through the Official website & FB is a real gift for me of which I am most grateful of. We have all tried at Siena, Warner, Mr Rob Bolton! above all to make this website a welcoming place for my true fans. An open forum to exchange their varied CH musical ideas, thoughts, anecdotes, memories and yes even the recent additions of omnipresent flashing neon love signs.. ah man.. ha,ha.

I have awesome fans who deserve nothing but the best. Inside my website you will find new original CH songs, some of my very early pre fame demos, plus a treasure trove of other assorted items from the Unplugged live guitar performance of me singing ´Ben´ by Michael Jackson to several of my original art work drawings.

I genuinely wanted to give something back because without you I would of never been able to realize my dreams. Peace, B well & in Canada enjoy the Turkey! this weekend.

Write me with your comments on everything or anything. I look forward to reading them all. Adios.

Corey Hart, October 7th, 2011

46 Responses to “Welcome to my new website!”
  1. Karin Bell

    Corey – the site looks amazing! Congrats on this new chapter in your life!

  2. Bylli Crayone

    Not sure if you remember my name or not. But not that long ago you autographed a few items for me. I just wanted to say that I am one of your biggest fans. I have many of your albums and singles and my favorite song is ‘Boy in the box’. Love the way you say ‘Box’ in the song. hee hee. Anyhow, As much as we would love a tour and new music we also love how you interact with us on social media. You are amazing and I personally Thank You for reaching out to us fans who have loved you for over 25 years. Keep doing what you do. We will always be here for you.

    Much Love & Respect
    Bylli Crayone
    Boston, MA. USA

  3. Christian Caputo

    To quote Darth Vader “this will be a day long remembered”. Just wanted to say “thank you” for letting us fans go along for this ride the past few months on FB and now on the new site with you! Thanks again!

  4. David Cox


    You are a very special person in many ways. The way you reach out to your fans is a sign that you want to keep the line of communications open and that you treasure what everyone means to you.

    I appreciate that you along with Warner Music Canada put together a great website providing what your fans have been desiring.

    I have checked out your version of “Ben” and I have to say it was amazing. You added an original touch to it. I look forward to listening to the new songs once they become available. October 25th is etched in my brain.

    I’m still exploring the site, and will let others know about your updates (those who haven’t found your FB presence).

    That one lyric you brought to pop culture is a great motto for life — Never Surrender!



  5. Vicki Morrow

    Welcome back Corey! Although for most of us you were never really gone :)

  6. Amy J in Kenya

    For several years now I’ve had a recurring dream in which I traveled to Canada and somehow discovered “lost” Corey Hart music. I feel like that dream has come true! To get new songs from Corey is the greatest gift. To get a modern, fully-equipped website like this is an amazing bonus. What a huge step forward for the fans. Thanks to all involved, especially Corey.

  7. Alex

    Sweeeet web-site…….more improved than the last. I love the store aspect and the videos….heck I like the whole-kit ‘n kabootle! Hey Corey through this site will I be able to purchase some of your old ‘B’ sides like ’21′ and especially ‘My Brother’s Leaving Today’. Love that tune…..being the youngest of 6 and having 3 older brothers, sometimes I wished my brothers would leave today…tomorrow…& yesterday already!

    Peace out!


  8. Eric Hecker

    Love the new website.

  9. Susan L. Vecchio

    Old fan here since 1985 first on MTV; took daughters & Mom to 10/25/85 concert Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA (youngest daughter’s 10th birthday). Corey this website now is terrific, loved it all, esp. new songs and photos. You’ve still got it!! Keep looking and planning for a great future.

  10. Gabriele

    thank you Corey, this “new” start is the greatest gift to me…thank you for being the soundtrack of my life. I will love you ALWAYS xxX

  11. Kathy Karsten Tipton

    Love the new site, well done and thank you so much for everything ñ

  12. Amy J from Kenya

    Quick question for Julie – what does the “2x” on the Simplicity necklaces mean?

  13. Toni Williams

    I love the new releases, can hardly wait to here the full versions.
    I love the new website. I like to check in on it and was always disappointed that there were never any updates. This new page is so exciting.
    I just want to say that I’ve been a Corey Hart fan for many many years. I used to have a life size cut out of you in my room when I was 16. Used to scare my mom half to death everytime she walked in.
    It’s funny how life comes full circle. My best friend and I used to dream of meeting you. We’d go for these great long walks and make up some amazing tales. We would take the greyhound bus into Vancouver (we were in Hope B.C.) to see you in concert. Even spent the day in line at the Coliseum just to get front row. At your 1986 concert, just after our 18th birthday, we were almost front and centre and had a bear to through up on stage. We never made it close enough though. A year later Nadine passed away and I held on to that bear ( a lot of memories). Jump ahead 12 years to just before my 30th birthday. You were in concert again and at the opening of a store in Vancouver. My husband took me down to meet you and I was able to give the bear in person. It was a great day and I cried a lot of tears…good cleansing. Then a few days later my three sisters took me to your concert. In 2001 my son Griffin was born on the 3rd of June. Coincidence? I don’t think so. For all the great times in my life and all the sad times your music has always been there for me. Thank you. Always a fan, Toni Williams

  14. timothy christy

    Corey hart, one of the true artist of our time. He always did it his way and his is more about his family that all this hollywood bullsh..t. He is the best and will alway will be. I thank God he have us him and his body of work. I always loved him and used his music to make it through my hard times.

  15. Aaron

    I have to admit, in the 80′s the only song I knew (and liked) by Corey Hart was West End Sunglasses which was a medley of Sunglasses At Night and West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys which I had on vinyl. Lately however I’ve been re-discovering all the 80′s music I missed the first time around and I would put Corey Hart’s greatest hits at the top of my most listened list. I love pretty much every song, especially the ballads. In Your Soul has been my summer anthem for the last two summer’s here in Toronto and may very well be my favourite song from the 80′s ever.

  16. Jesmina Mujovic

    I LOVE YOU COREYH YOU ROCK !! I Want to Draw you a Art picture :)

    XO – Neon Flashing Heart Signs Girl….:)

  17. Tiffany Atkins

    Glad to hear you are back, as you are one of the best songwriters/singers of all time. “Never Surrender”, my personal favourite, is a work of a pure creative genius! Such lyrical creativity should not be wasted. Keep up the great work! I just one you to know how powerful “Never Surrender” is. It reminds me to never give up and keeps me strong when I am feeling weak and has helped me through many low points in my life, as well as completing 6 marathons and 1 Ironman. Even now, being so far away (Australia) from my homeland of Toronto for 11 years now, your songs remind me of Canada, and make me proud! Especially proud when I hear your songs on Australian radio!

  18. Rachel

    Wow! I love the site and I’ve been a huge silent fan for years. In fact, you were my first concert in Minneapolis in the 80s. I’ve been trying to get my friends keen on you too as I love your lyrics and music, especially after I got over being a teenager and sunglasses. In fact, I love Bang! and choreographed to slowburn. Now, I’ve been desperately trying to find Jade album and I can’t seem to find it in USA or Australia (I mainly search online now, lol cos my first albums were cassettes).
    So I love this website and I’m off to see if I can find that album now. Thanks for your great lyrics and music:)

  19. Sylvie Vanier

    Hello Corey,

    By reading the messages written before mine, I would say you have wonderful fans. Like many of them, I have all your albums …. and tapes and saw all your shows (except the one at the Spectrum). And, I also taped your interviews whenever you were on the air at CHOM. At one point, I went to one of your show alone because no one wanted to join me. But I would say the most memorable one is when you were at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier with the “Orchestre symphonique de Montréal”. What an amazing performance that was!

    On a different note, I love your new songs. I’m going through a rough time presently and they calm me, they cheer me up, they make me smile. Thank you!

    Whenever you are ready to go on stage again, I’ll be the first one in line, buying tickets.

    Keep up what you do. You give so much more then you may think.

    Sylvie, from Montréal

  20. Terra

    Just heard “never surrender” on the radio and it brought me back and made me remember just how much I loved hearing your voice on the radio. I googled you to see what you have been up to and found your website. so glad to see you are still adorning fans with your awesome talent. great to see you..

  21. Mike Farley

    hey Corey….glad you’re reviving your career. I wanted to let you know I am a publicist based in Madison Wisconsin, and one of my clients is a local artist named…Corey Hart. I keep getting asked if my Corey is you, and I’m about the same age as you and had all of your albums in the ’80s, so I knew who you were. But it’s ironic too that it’s the same name as the Brewers’ right fielder, since the Brewers play in Milwaukee, not far from here. Anyway, I thought you’d find this amusing. Corey’s site is http://www.coreyhartmusic.com. Give it a listen when you can. Like you, he has a really powerful voice. Thanks and best of luck to you!

  22. Marie-France Bujold

    Je viens de lire un article dans La Presse ce matin qui nous informe de vos créations (toiles et bijoux ) J’étais très intéressée de voir vos création ; on ne peux malheureusement pas accéder a votre magasin en ligne …Il semble y avoir un problème. Dommage pour vous et pour nous !!


    Hi corey, I have always wondered why you’ve never given a concert in mexico city? I thought at some time or just do not like it here, since the 80s have been one of your maxims fans and have always left wanting to see you live, would be a great joy to see even once in life, with love teresa

  24. Mary Boyce


    I’ve never stopped listening.

  25. Diane

    Corey…I loved you in the 80′s and played your music continuously!! “Never Surrender” has always been my anthem!! Great to have you back!!!!

  26. Thomas

    Great website
    Been a massive danish fan since”young man running”. I bought the record on a vacation in Toronto:-))

  27. Anisha W.

    Corey:So glad to hear you again, and now read even more thanks to social media that wasn’t around when I first was a fan in the First Offense days. I am a keyboard player/singer/writer, who wore out her cassettes of you, as she worked in record stores and played gigs around Calgary. I am happy you r happy in the tropics (where I hope to be one day–quite a change from Montreal and crappy winters). Thank you for great songs like Never Surrender, In Your Soul, & Break the Chain that will always inspire. And thank-you for doing a radio show in Calgary one day, as the DJ made one last call, and I was the one on the other end. See u on facebook, see u on ur tour one day hopefully.The best always. Anisha:)

  28. Gabe Leon

    Felicidades Corey, desde Mexico te deseamos mucha suerte con tu nuevo material discografico, asi como lo hiciste en los inolvidables 80′, no te olvides de visitarnos nuevamente ..

  29. donnabeardywoodhouse

    hey Corey!! loved you when I was 10,I still love you… you were a a huge part of my life and I look forward to the new corey :D

  30. mike d


    I wanted to thank you for your help. In January 1986, I was diagnosed with an operable brain tumor. I was 23 years old and very concerned but relieved. I say this because I had years of trouble and doctors were searching for a reason. As you know, this was the height of “Never Surrender”. That song helped me focus and made me determined to recover. I listened to it on my Walkman (remember them!!) and fortunately, everything went well. I got out a week later but had an uphill battle to get back to where I was physically. I used to run while listening to the song and made a goal of running a NYC Marathon. I did this in 2010.

    My wife and I adopted a daughter from China in 1999 and she is a big CH fan also!!

    Thanks again and I hope you come to our area

  31. lisa curtiss

    hey corey how are you? i’ve been wondering what you’ve been doing and i googled you and came across your website. it was great to see you again, after so many years(so to speak). i’ve been a fan of yours ever since i was a kid, and i wrote you i don’t know how many letters. i got replies from you, erika and your mom. which was so nice and gracious.
    i met you many years later at an autorapgh signing at a blockbuster(in 97 i think). you were playing the vouge theatre that night(vancouver). you actually remembered me and took the time to talk to me for a few minutes. that was so nice thank you. it was an amyazing show, brought back a lot of good memories of the 80′s haha. i can’t believe how long ago that was.
    wow your daughters are growing up fast eh? three? that’s a lot of boyfriends to chase away. you must be busy :)
    i was looking through youtube today and came across eurasian eyes(in my favourites now)such a great and amayzing video, the horses were really beautiful. i was wondering what made you come up with that concept?
    anyway i just wanted to touch base and say hi. you have a beautiful family and i’m happy for you that you were able to make this change in your life and career and able to stay home with them, instead of going on tour and missing a lot of stuff. you know, garth brooks did the same thing. he was on tour for about 3yrs when his girls or one of them anyway, were babies and he said i can’t do both, so he decided to retire. at least till they’re grown up.

    take care corey and family, all the best.
    always a fan, lisa curtiss.

  32. Edie Simmons

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  33. randy

    welcome back corey i was watching your aint enough video so good as always should come to sacramento ca

  34. Greg

    dig the new songs

  35. cursos sevilla

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  36. Jimmy

    I’m a little late on the cotnrags here -I wish I could be 2 places at once to help you celebrate your feat to the island. I’m in Nashville, TN celebrating my brother’s 60th birthday, makes me think -what feat will I conquer before I turn 60? What an inspiration you are to all of us to follow our dreams, challenge ourselves, and communicate and share so well with family and friends that we all felt a part of your journey. XOXO to you and yours!

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  44. fran crisp

    hi corey
    great to see the years have been very kind to you i cant believe how youthful you look love the new site
    I remember u on countdown here in Ozstralia all those years ago and I really like your new music .
    keep u the great music and video clips
    fran c. east perth west oz :)

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