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Debut Album, Walk In Beauty featuring special guest performance by music legend Stevie Wonder
Single “Totally Random” to be released March 21, 2011
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warner Music Canada and Siena Records are thrilled to announce the launch of Walk In Beauty, the long awaited debut album from 27 year old Montreal singer Marie-Christine. Exotically beautiful with an unforgettable soulful voice, Marie-Christine is the first signing to Siena, a label started by Canadian music superstar Corey Hart.

Walk In Beauty will be launched May 3 with the first single, “Totally Random,” scheduled for release on Monday, March 21, 2011 with the accompanying Video directed by Javier Aguilera & Ante Kovac. View the album teaser here:

The song is an infectious pop reggae tinged Corey Hart composition written specifically for Marie-Christine. It was produced by Michael Litresits and Corey Hart.Having established Siena in 2003, it took Corey four years until he finally discovered the voice and artist he was searching for.

In 2007, Corey was chatting with producer Michael Litresits about how hard it had been finding the right musical fit for Siena. Mike quickly replied “I’ve got something special for you. I’m sending you an MP3 of a terrific young Haitian Canadian singer named Marie-Christine!”

That one song demo was a piano vocal interpretation of Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” and it was all Corey needed to hear.

He then flew Marie-Christine to his home in The Bahamas for a meeting which later turned out to be an impromptu live audition.

“Corey wanted to hear me sing in person so he quickly taught me a song called ‘Silence’ that he had originally written for Celine Dion,” remembers Marie-Christine. “I learned it super-fast and sang it for him a cappella right there in his kitchen! Definitely one of the most nerve-wracking and unique auditions in my career!”

“Marie-Christine had my four children completely intrigued, all gathered around spying at some point curious to discover what the wonderful voice was emanating from near the oven” chuckles Corey. “If you can sound great in a family kitchen, so goes the world.”

Marie-Christine was born and raised in Montreal to Haitian parents. She has spent her entire life enveloped around music. Introduced to the classics through her father Édouard, she studied classical piano from the age of 5 until she was 19.

As a teenager she was a featured soloist for the renowned Gregory Charles’ Laval Gospel Choir. Her professional career began in earnest when she landed her first musical, Generation Motown. She later performed in Quebec’s Soul City, and as lead vocalist touring with Alternative artist DJ Champion.

Walk In Beauty was recorded in The Bahamas, Montreal, Spain and Sweden. Acting as Executive Producer on the overall project, Corey also wrote and produced several tracks on the record including “Totally Random,” “In Your Sweater,” “Walk In Beauty” and the gorgeous ode to Haiti, “Port Au Prince.”

Hit Swedish Producer Anders Bagge (Madonna, Janet Jackson,) coincidentally worked on the song “Silence” that Marie-Christine had originally sung in Corey’s kitchen.

Marie-Christine proved herself to be a fine songwriter in her own right working with Producer/ Guitarist Sylvain Quesnel to create stand out tracks like “Get Out,” “Let Yourself Go” as well as the maudlin self-penned “A Little Grey On A Sunny Day.”

While recording the album, Corey and Marie-Christine would talk about possible songs to cover. It was her suggestion to try “Keep On Running” a relatively unknown song from Stevie Wonder’s 1971 Music of My Mind album. Corey immediately flashed on the idea of reaching Stevie personally asking him to collaborate on the recording.

“It was a musical dream I just couldn’t let go of,” says Hart “I knew it was a long-shot. But I wouldn’t quit on it. I called his management and personal inner coterie for more than 18 months. Finally in late August of 2010, as I opened my morning emails I was greeted by a personal note from Stevie Wonder himself.

He graciously expressed how much he enjoyed hearing Marie-Christine’s singing and that he was looking forward to us working together. I was humbled. It is without doubt one of the highlight moments of my career,” Hart candidly reveals.

“Keep On Running” features the unmistakable, innovative talk box vocal performance of Mr. Stevie Wonder. It drives the track like a locomotive energizing the band, building towards a rousing climactic finale. Marie-Christine’s vocals are in superb form as she wraps herself around the r&b melody and production.

With the release of Walk In Beauty, a new exciting Canadian artistic voice and talent has emerged onto the world stage.

“It already feels like a dream come true to have recorded this first album and have this wonderful opportunity ahead of me,” says Marie-Christine. “I feel my album has a positive vibe and travels through many emotions that I believe people can relate to. I want to share my music through the gift of my voice, baring my heart openly to the world. I hope to touch them with it.”