Hello CH Caravan-Istas

Hello CH Caravan-Istas.

What a simply wonderful year 2011 has been for Corey Hart. I never imagined I would have had the opportunity of reconnecting with my true fans after so many rivers traveled under bridge without nary a glimpse or sound from me. I was certain most of you would of stopped caring or listening to ´ch songs´ – completely understandable given my decade absence from the spotlight. But I was quite happily mistaken.

What we experience in our youth are priceless memories which die hard. None of us let them go easily & why the hell should we. I am a teenager again reborn when I hear “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb or jam up The Knack’s “My Sharona” recalling when I first drove a car, blasting this tune on the radio with best buddy cousin David in South Florida.

These days of individual discovery for better or for worse marked us, shaping who we are today. I read an article posted on FB about Mr. Ricky Bartalini who commented after watching me perform live in Oakland, California back in´84 how it ‘changed his life’ guiding him into the successful music promotor entrepreneur he has become today. Well done Rick.

The generosity of spirit, appreciation & even the cryptic witty humour I receive from some of your letters on FB & Gmail really brighten my week.

Show Biz is without doubt a rough jungle to navigate filled with quicksand pits & bullshitters ready to sell ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. There was a period in the early 90′s when my musical spirits were disillusioned. I felt rejected -bewildered how it was possible that my rock star house of cards came tumbling down so effortlessly.

Besotted with both the mythology and the utter disposability of pop music I naively believed in my longevity. My musical eternity solidified through the songs I had written. Tracks like “Diamond Cowboy”, “Bang!”, or even “Chase The Sun” speak to this theme from those years. Now in retrospect I don’t believe I was so naive after all.

Today like a surreal dream when you post a clip of me from the 80′s on FB, I am reminded of the shy, spiky haired singer-songwriter from Montreal who dreamed large with “Everything In My Heart”.

So many of these TV performances from Germany, Italy, Spain or Japan I had never seen before. An instant CH museum of footage. Thanks!

We shall step forward in 2012 with new adventures enjoyed and surely unforeseen challenges to overcome. I will do my utmost to keep up the Friday Posts on FB. They are a blast.

I am planning to record several duets with my new dear friend AM. Ah, you undercover sleuths already figured this out. Clever bunch. I am honoured to share music with Alannah Myles. She is a Canadian treasure. I know the songs will be magical.

I hope you enjoy the new old music demos, Q&A 2 interview from Dante, River and Rain.

2011 has championed incredible movement in all parts of the globe. The Arab Spring clearly demonstrates the power people possess when galvanized in united, common good.
The universe encompasses enormous space but miraculously through the wonders of technology we can now reach each other like never before. I sing a song from my bedroom balcony in Spain & presto it´s flying, free soaring like an eagle messenger into your homes from Singapore 2 Seattle.

I hope you can check out Marie Christine´s CD “Walk in Beauty”. If you haven´t had the chance yet it will make a superb Christmas gift. “Silence” will be released in Canada late January. If we can make some noise with this single it will open the door to USA and beyond. MC deserves it. The whole team does.

In closing, my musical heart is very committed towards making ’30 Years of Music’ CBC TV special in 2013 a reality. For me, it marks a true milestone with emotional significance. Julie and the 4 children remain my oxygen in life but we are all eager to share together for this festive occasion. Let’s just see where the journey leads us my reunited caravan of friends. Peace. Happy New Year 2012.

one love, corey hart

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  1. 禹成姫(Song Fui Woo)

    Thank you so much,Corey…
    I’m from Japan…thank you for your kindness…
    thank you for sparing time out of your busy schedule…you are very special person in many ways…nothing could be more wonderful…
    I appreciate your kindness…

  2. Sandra Perron

    Dear Corey !

    Never in my life did I think I would one day be a FB friend of yours. For me, it a dream come true!
    Now just like you, I have my family (3 girls + husband) that are my life … but I remerber back when my life was YOUR MUSIC !!! You keep me going when I was down and help me so much in school. You did so much without knowing it!

    THANK YOU, for then and THANK YOU FOR KNOW !

    Everyday, it’s a pleasure to open FB and look if my favorite artist, my friend ;) you have posted something. You still brighten my day after all those year !

    Your true fans will always be there for u and are so very lucky that you are there for them … not every artist appréciate there fan like u do so again THANK YOU SO MUCH ! love always

    Sandra xxx
    Dr’ville, Qc

  3. Kathy K-T

    Still amazed that you remember your fans after all these years my friend :) The unofficial CH compendium of video, photos and articles will keep growing online at http://coreyhartwiki.wikispaces.com for your viewing pleasure :)

    Con cariño como siempre :) KKT

  4. Lucie

    Hi Corey!

    It’s so great to be able to stay in touch with you through FB!…What a thrill!! It feels like 1985 all over again, when I was waiting for “Shades” to come in the mail!!

    True fans never forget true Artist my friend!

    Have a great holiday season!!!


  5. Tammy Gal Buchanan

    Thank you Corey for all that you do for us fans! It is sincerely appreciated :-) .
    You and your music are a true treasure that I am so fortunate to have discovered when I was 11. I hold this dear to my heart always.
    Thanks friend xx

  6. Tammy Gal Buchanan

    And here’s to the 2013 CBC special! I am so excited and hope I am lucky enough to be in that audience along with my fellow Caravanistas to cheer you on!!!! You ROCK! :)

  7. Barbara Never Surrender

    Thank you for the new HartBeat Corey, and for staying in touch with your fans. Can’t wait for the new songs and the new interview with your girls. And especially can’t wait to come to Toronto in 2013! Peace and chocolate, one love- Barb : )

  8. Kim Pantridge

    We, caravanistas ( and I am pretty sure I speak for most of us) are just thrilled to have you back…that your family shares you with us and that thru FB we all get a chance to re-live our great memories. Looking forward to the new songs & interview, and I can not wait for the special in 2013, I can only imagine what the atmosphere will be like… ( so much to look forward to :-)
    Peace and happiness always,

  9. Laura

    Hi Corey! Thank you for your dedication to your fans! I am looking forward 2 all that’s in 2012&2013! You are much appreciated,no matter what season it may be, ur fans will not ever forget you, you left an impression!:) Thank you again, Merry Christmas & Happy Blessed New Year to the Hart Family! Laura

  10. Tina Cormier

    Is there going to be a Hart family reality show in the future? I like you guys much better than the Kardashians.

  11. Rob Yoegel

    Thanks, Corey. Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family. Will be framing “Chase the Sun” soon and sending a photo of it. All my best.

    - Rob (Philadelphia, PA USA)

  12. Tina Vittorioso

    It is so amazing to see the man you are today. Somehow I knew back in the day you were going to be an incredible father and husband. I have owned a dance studio for the last 15 years and your music is always played. I tell my students that I tend to love artists who are positive and set a great example. You truly have done that!

    • Juan

      - Good way to get organized aunrod your online presence. A lot of people just do it cause everyone else is. It’s important to have a strategy.Oh.. and I’d be one of your Fearless Brides anyday. ;-)

  13. Carolyn Bagarollo

    Thank you Corey for opening up your life to all of us. It is indeed a special treat to follow you and your beautiful family. :) No you and your beautiful music have never been forgotten. :)
    Happy holidays to you and yours. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of you in the New Year.

    Montreal, Qc

  14. James D. McGill

    Thanks for the insight. As a fellow writer, I appreciate it. You should consider writing a blog. Like all good writers and songwriters, you seem to have keen insight into the world around us. I also appreciate the opportunity of getting to speak to my favorite childhood (and adult) musical artist. Look forward to continuing the journey!

  15. Monica Ball

    I also am one of your fans that felt a true connection to your music, even when you were out of the public music scene Corey Hart cd’s were always present. To be able to follow you, your career and your family is a pleasure. I showed my husband your fb page and he scrolled through it, his comment was “Wow, it really does seem authentic”. Thanks so much for connecting to your fans this way it is amazing.


    Kamloops, BC

  16. Yayoi Hamazaki Halle

    Dear Corey, 

    This internet real-time-ness thrills me and overwhelms me at the same time, and sometimes I still find myself at a loss how to relate to it. However, one of the many things that I am grateful for is that this has actually pushed me to send letters & comments to you. In the past, with words I wanted to convey piling up I could not complete so many of my inner talking to you and let them fly out of my hands like loose pages in the wind. They still do, as you and your music give me so much. However, I realize that it is giving and receiving, and sharing. And I have received so much from you so I hope to give back even little by little.

    Billboard charts did justice when your songs were ranked high up there. Billboard charts did not do justice when not, and the hurt and frustration was ours too. However, knowing how deeply my life has been touched by your music and your spirit that shines through it, and seeing how many people have been touched to the wonderful depths they express, it is just incredible what your music has given to us all and each. And I find that it is something Billboard charts can never truly represent.

    I have very mixed feelings about the music industry and those executive decisions. However, I am ever grateful for every positive thing they have done to promote your music, best when reflecting truly your wishes. After all, with your perseverance and the record company’s unison, I could encounter your music, a true blessing in my life. Thank you for fighting all the battles you fought for, including when you pushed to get a bonus track on the Japanese editions. Every little detail you cared to show your appreciation, we truly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for coming back to us!
    2011 was such a fantastic year and this year is already full of excitement.
    So looking forward to seeing you in 2013. And very soon again here and on fb. Please cheat often.

    Love and peace,
    from Singapore to Spain in the blessed ch universe


  17. fabio santambrogio

    Can’t wait for the new duets with ms Myles!
    Next, for the 30 years in the biz, let’s have a coffeetable book retrospective cd boxed set with all of the b-sides, bonus tracks, demos, shelved songs, pictures from the different eras….hell, throw in the poems that never made it into song lyrics! (check out the Rox Box by Roxette…they did a great job).
    charge whatever price, we’re all ready to max our credit cards!

  18. Tey

    You’re truly Amazing..

  19. Tey Liwanag

    Mr Corey Hart,
    The very first song i’ve heard on the radio was “cant help falling in love” and it wasn’t even your own song.. what made me look you up.. and search for you..is your VOICE.. truly all the songs you’ve written are wonderful and amazing.. You’re not just a Rock Star.. no one can sing your song like you do.. with so much compassion.. i could just close my eyes and feel every emotions that you put into words.. and your music makes me feel like im floating up in the air :) or makes me cry or want to dance (even if im not good at it) still you made me happy.
    After more than 20 years still your music keeps me company whenever i feel down, happy or in love :) and now im in total Bliss.. i can never imagine someone like would be so HUMBLE and LOYAL to your fans.. im really grateful to be one.. always.. i may not be in Canada.. but I will always be a Big Fan.. In my own way.. and will always be there to support You..
    Thank you for Rapid Fire,, i know it’s kinda hard for you.. but still so grateful you can spare an hour of your time to answer questions.. which sometimes i find some question so funny either way.. You’re still there..
    I can’t thank you enough.. love this feeling like im young again :)

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