Morning Sun Available NowMorning Sun Available Now


Morning Sun artwork
Shoreline Artwork
"Shoreline" feat. Dante Hart
Never Surrender Artwork
"Never Surrender (Angels)"
Dreaming Time Again Artwork
"Dreaming Time Again"


January 1, 2019
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City Name, CA

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"Morning Sun" - Official Video
A woman sitting by the ocean
"Shoreline (feat. Dante Hart)" - Official Lyric Video
A man wearing a suit, walking on a road
"Never Surrender (Angels) 2020" - Official Music Video
An illustration of two people riding a horse.
"First Rodeo" - Official Music Video
A man leaning against a wall
"Dreaming Time Again” - Official Music Video
A man wearing a winter jacket looking up
"Another December" - Official Music Video
Two people standing very close together
"Tonight (I Wrote You This Song)" - Official Music Video
Corey Hart holding a microphone at an award ceremony
Canadian Music Hall of Fame Induction
Corey Hart holding his mic above his head on stage
Festival d'été de Québec 2019
Corey Hart standing in a room
"Sunglasses At Night” - Official Music Video
"Tell Me” - Official Music Video
"Everything In My Heart" - Official Music Video
"In Your Soul" - Official Music Video
"Eurasian Eyes" - Official Music Video
"Never Surrender" - Official Music Video


Corey Hart has sold over 16 million records worldwide by amassing 9 consecutive US Billboard Top 40 Hits, while scoring an impressive 32 top 40 singles in his native Canada (Including 12 – Top 10 Hits). He´s Grammy Nominated as well as an ASCAP, multiple Juno and Quebec ADISQ award winner.


Record Label
Warner Music Canada
Siena Records
Warner Music Canada
Dave Stelling
PerryScope NYC
Licensing & Sync Requests
Cheryl Link
Warner Music Canada
Avi Diamond
Photo Credits:
Main Image, Dreaming Time again (Cover), Another December(Cover), Gallery Image 1, Gallery Image 2 - John Wagner
Biography Image, Gallery Image 5 - Allan Zilkowsky
Gallery Image 3 - Dewey Nicks
Gallery Image 4 - Erika Gagnon

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